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Types of Dish

(Comes with vegetable curry)
Biryani is the most royal of rice dishes.  The rice is slow cooked with a variety of herbs and spices.


Meat is added to the frying spices and then cooked in its own juices resulting in a deep, well spiced curry with strong flavours but very little sauce. Usually medium hot.


A beautiful combination of spices with lentils, garlic, lemon producing a HOT, SWEET SOUR taste.


A delicate preparation of cream, yoghurt and spices producing a very mild but rich, creamy texture. A flavour palatable for every constitution.


Another most popular dish of South Indian origin. A rich, fairly HOT taste, extensively prepared with chilli, lemon juice and tomato puree.


This dish is cooked with extensive use of fenugreek and a touch of spinach providing a strong spicy flavour. Medium strength.

Methi Dish

A nan is a flat bread baked in the tandoor (clay oven).  Each comes out piping hot and is brushed with butter, slightly chewy, flaky and even a little crunchy.  Nans will enhance your dinner whether eaten with our entrees or as an appetiser on it's own.

Nan Bread

Crispy thin lentil wafers.


Garlic, onion, tomato puree, red chilli, lemon are extensively used to give a HOT, SWEET & SOUR taste.


A special preparation with green peppers and garlic, garnished with tomatoes.  A little dry.

Rogon Josh

Tandoori & Tikka dishes are not curries. They are marinated, skewered and slow roasted in a Tandoor (clay oven) which gives an exquisite smoked flavour to the meat. The taste is deliciously sensational and defies description. To go with the meal and for perfect satisfaction, also try a vegetable side dish.

Tandoori & Tikka

A South Indian dish cooked with potato, widely known for its fiery, fabulously rich HOT taste. Lemon and red chillies are a few of the spices added to qualify this dish as ‘most extravagantly HOT’. Only suitable for those with a strong constitution!  


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